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Location: Palaopao, Kisolon, Sumilao, Bukidnon

Features: Mt. Palaopao, another Bukidnon’s rocky mountain visible in the highway of Kisolon, Sumilao proudly stands 836 feet above sea level. This is one of the most accessible mountains in the province. The mountain's look is so deceitful because what you see from the highway is just its upper half. You need to descend down Kulaman river to reach jump-off. 

The top was once forested while the sides contain several caves and rockshelters which were used as burial grounds during the early 19th century. Now, the mountain is another traditional site for a religious pilgrimage during Holy Week. Its grandiose form catches the eyes of every passers-by. Its scenery draws an avid photographer and an ordinary hiker; its challenging rocky walls allure an experienced mountaineer. But a lot more await an adventurer and nature lover.

Paiyak Cave is another feature of Mt. Palaopao. Once a burial ground among the natives, human remains are still being preserved within.  

A cool dip at Kulaman River is a perfect bonus to hikers.

Start of descent to Kulaman River

Hanging bridge to Sitio Palaopao

Concrete cross at the first peak

Rugged cross at the second peak
The rugged cross on a summer
Burial Ground at Paiyak Cave

Paiyak Cave

Kulaman River


1. Climbers are required to register (P20.00) at Sitio Palaopao
2. Guide is required to summit Mt. Palaopao (fee is P250 per group)
3. Paiyak Cave can be included in the trek
4. The mountain has open trail
5. Bring sufficient water
6. Jump-off is around 45 minutes from public transport terminal
7. Ascent from jump-off takes 2-3 hours  
8. Kulaman river is so tempting for a cool dip


From CDO, take a southbound bus (Davao, Tacurong, Wao, Valencia, Kibawe etc). Alight at Kisolon, Sumilao Terminal and Public Market. The way to Mt. Palaopao starts at the back of public market. Ask the locals for direction.

To see my first visit to Mt. Palaopao, click MT. PALAOPAO: Deceitful yet Breathtaking.

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