Monday, July 10, 2017


Last July 8, 2017, Bukidnon Green Warriors heeded the call of Pinoy Mountaineer for National Mountain Cleanup 2017. Bukidnon Green Warriors is an unofficial group of mountaineers who share the same passion of nature trekking. These trekkers also share the same sentiment on mountain commercialization resulting to littering, vandalism and other irresponsible acts by climbers and picnickers.
With the suggestion of fellow eco-warrior, Kris Tala, Bukidnon Green Warriors chose Mt. Capistrano because it is the most commercialized mountain in the province. Even climbers from other places can say that this mountain is very much abused. Trash are everywhere. Vandals ruin the beautiful rock formations at the summit.

Thirty climbers participated the event including members of CDO Trekkers, Tribo Matigsagol, Hindu Kaw Outdoor and other freelance climbers. 

The event started at 5:00 am. Activities include picking trash and removing paint vandals. After the cleanup at 2:00 pm, the group proceeded to Nasuli Spring Resort for fellowship.


Many many thanks goes out to Barangay Council of Simaya for allowing the group to conduct the event. Thanks also to CDO Trekkers, Tribu Matigsagol, Hindu Kaw Outdoor and freelance climbers who helped in the cleanup. Thanks to Kris Tala for suggesting cleanup for Mt. Capistrano. Thanks to active members of Bukidnon Green Warriors who participated in the event. Special thanks to Arnel Cabanao (Hatred Kakashi) for leading the group and steering this successful cleanup.


  1. Hope that those responsible of commercializing our mountains and apathetic mountain climbers will realize the negative effects of what they had done. They should thank these responsible mountaineers who took care of their misdeeds. But should this relationship continue forever?

    1. Thanks, Sir Jun. Everyone should be responsible of his acts. Those tour operators, aside from having their businesses legally registered and accredited by DOT, should learn the LEAVE NO TRACE POLICY.